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    Sahana Ramanand
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  • Let me introduce Myself:

    I am Sahana Ramanand from Bangalore, India. An Engineer by qualifications. A UX Designer by profession. A Beauty & Fashion blogger by heart. And you are welcome to my beauty and fashion love home, my Glamour Journals. I blog on my days off and whenever I have free time. I have always been obsessed with beauty, fashion, makeup and anything pretty really and I decided it was time that I shared my passion with the rest of the world. There is nothing as satisfying as writing about things you really love and finding out that a lot of people out there actually relate to them. Other than beauty, I am obsessed with reading books. I love reading books so much that at one point I considered becoming a librarian – just so I can be around lots of books and have enough time to read them all. But of course, I’ve also considered becoming an astronaut, an actress, a journalist…..the list is long. I am a dreamer. You are never too old to believe in fairy tales. I also follow a lot of useless television. But for all you know, these shows might help me save the world someday…..My all-time favorite show is friends.


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