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Let Me Introduce Myself

Kaushalya embarked on her journey as an ethnic wear designer years back soon to be joined by her daughter, Raina, M.Sc. graduate in Microbiology. Although a student of science, Raina could not ignore the calling of her passion which happens to be the same as that of her mother - designing clothes; ethnic wear to be precise. Hence Raina got herself a fashion designers degree from Idea Institute of Fashion. Together, the mother- daughter duo have worked towards establishing their brand Kara which is now synonymous to designer ethnic wear to regular customers which swear by the brand. 'Kara' is an amalgamation of the first 2 letters of each of their names- Kaushal & Raina. 'Kara' - a mother daughter creation reads the plaque on their much visited store at Safina Plaza. What makes Kara stand out is their exclusive and unique range of sarees, lehngas and blouses.

My label's name:

Kara Couture

You can find my store at


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