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Let Me Introduce Myself

Pooja Bagaria was a BBM student at Centre for management studies, Jain University. She had a lot of free time so she decided to take up a diploma course of fashion designing as a hobby. It later turned out to be her true calling. At JD institute of fashion and technology she learned to convert dreams to reality. After her graduation in Bangalore she moved back to Nepal where she launched her clothing line ‘POOJA BAGARIA’ in the year 2012. The brand concentrated on cocktail wear for women which were back then only sold in private exhibitions. She was featured in Nepali magazines like “Ecs living". She also had a guest designer appearance for a TV show ‘Life’ hosted by ECS Media in Nepal. After a few exhibitions, she finally got a brick and mortar store. Along with time her brand grew! (Literally) from POOJA BAGARIA to POOJA BAGARIA JHUNJHUNWALA (PBJ) and also changed base to Bangalore in 2015.

My label's name:

PBJ Couture

You can find my store at


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