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Let Me Introduce Myself

Ramya Katta’s foray into fashion design started with a question “Why can’t occasion wear be grand and elegant at the same time?” She experimented expressing herself through her own designs. With her passion to create, she made her loved ones feel great on many Occasions. Their appreciation led her to find her calling - a designer wear label to keep creating timeless wearable art. Once this dream settled in her mind, she dropped her safe career as a company secretary and decided to dedicate the following months to put together the research and development for the design label. This was a life changing phase for the designer as she dived deeper into the depths of Indian design history and craftsmanship. Understanding the fascinating traditional designs and mastering the way it is executed was a thapas for Ramya, because she knows that only a master can play with and modify her designs to create the best results for her clients. You can find her doing the same day in, day out, exploring, working, dedicating days to a dress, mastering her art at her studio in HSR layout Bangalore. Walk in, and find Ramya to talk about design, get your exclusive garment made, or just a warm conversation over a cup of coffee. Ramya Katta is always open for a good time.

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