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Let Me Introduce Myself

Best friends duo with Kavya being the Creative Director and Pooja taking on the role of being the Director of the label.

My label's name:


Story behind my label's name or my label's logo

Story behind my label’s name and/or my label’s logo: "SACARU" a Sanskrit word meaning 'very beautiful', created by two friends who put their heart into designing a clothing line for people who love to dress. Kavya, a fashion design graduate from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore and Pooja with her Master’s in Business Administration from Ohio University, come together to create a line of clothing which weaves western cuts into Indian sensibilities.

You can find my store at


My favourite Styles

Fusing western cuts into Indian fabrics and hand embroidery.

What I love about fashion

The ability to transform ourselves with each different outfit we wear.

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