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Let Me Introduce Myself

I have always been passionate about patterns, designing, art, craft since I was a toddler. My choices for my life were to either to become a Veterinary Surgeon or a Designer, when it came time for me to choose, I was not offered Science so I went onto specialize in Textile Design from the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology. I gained a lot of experience in natural fibres, leatherwork and apparel design from the various companies I worked at after shifting to Chennai. After being with KalpaDruma as their Chief inhouse Apparel & Accessories Designer for all their products, I decided to start on my own. Cognac was born out of both a need to fully explore my design capabilities and the desperate need for well-designed clothing to fit real bodies that don’t conform to mass produced ready-made clothing.

My label's name:

Cognac by Manjeri™

Story behind my label's name or my label's logo

Cognac was the name I chose for a few reasons, The Colour - is this rich, deep and warm reddish golden brown which makes it truly stand out among others, just looking at the colour warms your heart. It symbolizes the feeling of joy and care my customers should feel before, during and after getting work done by us. Strict regulation of quality - Cognac liqueur needs to adhere to very strict guidelines of quality in order to earn the name and is therefore unique, very high quality and premium. This speaks to the fact that we are committed to consistent quality of stitching, design etc in each of our products. Cognac also is used to refer to a woman of extraordinary natural beauty and that is what lies at the heart of Cognac's work. We believe that all bodies are beautiful and that one must embrace every bump and curve with love.

You can find my store at

T.Nagar, Chennai

Check out my Website

Me and the fashion industry

I have discovered that for me I don’t buy into the fakeness that exists in the industry. For several years I thought success meant ramp shows, page 3 parties, ostentatious gatherings but as I discovered myself I found that success is determined by also that smile you see on the faces of those who put their trust in you to make them look gorgeous when they never found that elsewhere. I personally like to bring good design to as many people as I can reach while keeping my prices reasonable and making sure that every piece is of the best quality and made with attention to detail and love.

My favourite Styles

Definitely the well-tailored linen high-waisted trousers, the Grecian column gown, beaded flapper dresses, off shoulder dresses and tops and anything Chanel!

What I love about fashion

It has the power to influence, inspire and implement change.

Something Personal

I believe design must serve a wider audience, not just the rich or glitzy. Designer wear to me has always looked very closed and inaccessible to those who have wanted well-made apparel, jewellery, products, anything designer for that matter and to me it always posed an issue. I also believe that we need to become more conscientious & responsible about where we procure and where we dispose of our materials and waste fabrics/trims. In the near future I want to, through Cognac help support social causes like animal welfare and protection along with educating and empowering underprivileged women.

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