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I am from


Let Me Introduce Myself

I am an Indian fashion designer, who has been in the industry for over 25 years. My strength lies in creating ensembles – strongly influenced by Indian motifs and hand-crafted to the detail – thoughtfully and aesthetically designed to suit the needs of the modern, contemporary woman.

My label's name:

Latha Puttanna

Story behind my label's name or my label's logo

My work is a reflection of my thoughts, ideas, beliefs, and values. It’s everything I stand for, and love about fashion. And that’s why my label goes by my name.

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Me and the fashion industry

Fashion has most certainly evolved over the last few decades; and the journey has only been very exciting. That’s the beauty of the industry – it offers limitless possibilities. I for one, celebrate native textiles, motifs, and designs – and it’s heartening to see today’s youth also growing conscious of the treasures we hold in our country.

My favourite Styles

My vote is always for the traditional Indian classics – the sarees, the kanjeevarams, the South-Indian langa-davanis too! Of course, the salwar’s and chudidaars never go out of fashion either!

What I love about fashion

That it allows you to speak without having to say a word. your fashion is who you are. And that is something everyone is entitled to!

Something Personal

Fashion is not about going by the trends – it’s something that comes and goes, and come again! What stays is your personal design - your signature style – that speaks for who you are. In my case, what works for me is the classic Indian saree. Its elegance is unbeatable, and style - unmatched. And it’s very important everyone find their own style – because really, that Is your label. And it’s not something to be compromised on.

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