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I am from

Wayanad, Kerala & Kottayam, Kerala

Let Me Introduce Myself

Amalda got exposed to fashion through runway shows as a model. Her interest in natural dyeing began when she walked the ramp for a sustainable fashion show in Hyderabad. During his life in the US, Sidharth's interest in fashion took him from the thrift stores in San Francisco where reuse and recycle where the key words to the stores on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, the hotbed of street fashion.

My label's name:

Clothes Without Borders

Story behind my label's name or my label's logo

When we got into natural dyeing and educated ourselves on the real 'cost' of fashion, we were appalled by the amount of pollution caused by the textile dyeing industry. When big companies outsource production, they are also outsourcing pollution. When it comes to conservation, we should have a worldview that are not limited by borders, personal or political. That's how we happened upon the name- Clothes Without Borders. Then it went on to mean many other things or us like the idea of a global community, travel, transcending cultural borders and the promotion of indigenous industries through fashion.

You can find my store at

Pepper House Design Store, Fort Kochi, Kerala Aambal Eco Clothing Store, Fort Kochi, Kerala Autumn Leaf, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

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My favourite Styles

Bohemian, free-spirited, comfortable, relaxed

What I love about fashion

A person wears a garment we've created because she has connected with it at some level and now she wants to connect with others in her world using it in her own way. This, we believe, is the subtle yet real community that fashion builds. Fashion is interactive and alive and is part of everyday life. It can define and redefine our relationship with ourselves and the outside world on a day to day basis. And that's what makes it exciting for us.

Something Personal

There is a Zen saying that resonates with our label- "Wherever you go, there you are." Like all Zen sayings, it bypasses logic and points to something that can only be experienced. We envision our clothes to be the same. We live in a synthetically coloured world that places uniformity as an important aesthetic parameter. Our clothes offer a refreshing alternative. Industrial norms of uniformity give way to nature's aesthetic of unity with CWB. We often see that our clothes transform when worn. They work with the wearer to create a unique impression that can elicit emotion. It is why we strongly encourage people to try our clothes on.