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Let Me Introduce Myself

I have dream of imparting quality skills and education to all without any discrimination, also build a greener India a greener world.

Story behind my label's name or my label's logo

My label’s name is inspired by a Sanskrit word pronounced as ‘ka-k-sh’ which means something that climbs from earth.

You can find my store at

Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Me and the fashion industry

I am quite new to the industry and for me learning everything has been a very overwhelming experience, getting an amazing response from our first show at asian designer week it gave me a boost and confidence to pursue it further.

My favourite Styles

I personally love western outfits and silhouttes though you will mostly find me wearing indian in most of my official meetings and aapointments. I like to experimet with my clothing and being sustainable is the way i love to be.

What I love about fashion

The young talent and ideas. The people in this industry are always filled with so much energy to experiment.

Something Personal

I personally love to plant a sapling/ feed someone poor/ teach someone unprivileged each time i make a sale. This gives me immense satisfaction of my work.