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Let Me Introduce Myself

Raji Anand is a Designer based in Chennai , her Brand Name is RAJI ANAND in Tamil,as she so Passionately relates to her city and Mother tongue. - Jewellery making began as love for funky wearable jewellery was a need of the hour and grew into a Unique and compelling passion, her design interests are global, and urban, culturally diverse and infused with Artistic inspiration. Raji Anand fuses old world Aesthetics with New age world fashion, resulting in breathtakingly unique, wearable work of Art. -The label enjoys a great Niche clientele across the globe, and Movie actors and established performing Artist of the city. - Raji Anand label has a line of very interesting Sarees, Stoles and Jewellery, Easy on the eye but Heavy on Statement.

My label's name:

Raji Anand

You can find my store at


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