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Let Me Introduce Myself

Rajeev, soon after completing his bachelor’s in fashion technology, pursued his master’s in the oxford of fashion, the National Institute of Fashion Technology, Mumbai. Afterwards, he started his dream career with one of the fashion giants Pantaloons, an Aditya Birla Group concern. His genius as a designer soon started leaping forward as he chose to sally forth with Nirvana Films. With movies like Popcorn and Pokkiri Simon, Rajeev’s designs gleamed on the silver screen. Moreover, his designing prowess was further reiterated as several celebrities flaunted his styles. He then went on to sculpt a path of his own, by launching a sustainable clothing line. And today the name ‘Rajeev Peethambaran’ is synonymous to sustainable fashion. Latest Collection Name: Summer Blossom. Latest Collection Story: An Earthy Collection for Women Who Live Free Through Fashion, Art, Music and Travel. The Design Invokes Attributes of Feminity, Spirit and Creativity.

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Rajeev Peethambaran

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