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Let Me Introduce Myself

I am an entrepreneur by profession and designer by passion, I am a Delhi based fashion designer showcasing my ideas amalgamated with a practical approach. My Collections: My collections are more towards evening cocktail wear fetching stories from small little elements around us which are found while travelling, exploring cities or simply reading.

My label's name:


Story behind my label's name or my label's logo

Baroque refers to the extravagance and glamour fused in the clothes. The brand drew inspiration from the art movement flourished in Europe initially and later evolved with a modern approach.

You can find my store at

Yojna Vihar, Delhi

Looking back in time

Back in time, My brand was very classic which has today evolved into experimental and young aesthetics keeping the roots of the brand untouched.

My favourite Styles

Dramatic ruffles and structured drapes which turn into statement pieces are my favourite styles.

What I love about fashion

The unpredictability which always challenge to innovate is what I love about fashion as we keep growing.