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Let Me Introduce Myself

Aparna.S is an enthusiastic fashion designer. She began her career in her early 20’s doing illustrations and making dresses for friends hence grew her confidence and the unusual. Being self-taught, she then joined a summer crash course in FIT, New York. After their support and training, he persuaded her fashion degree from Milan university and came out as a fashion stylist. Her career started to take off after winning the best designer award in April 2010. From that time till date she has built on her success to open more doors to further achievements, giving back to the industry all that she could. Her other passion in life includes arts and paintings which has been commercialized across India. In 2011 she launched her own label and started supplying to major fashion outlets such as Kimaya, Cocoon, Strawberry, Anahe, Zingbi and many more. She aims to widen her field in the fashion market and spread her knowledge of European techniques to the coming generations and preparing them for tough challenges in international markets.

My label's name:

Aparna S

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