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Let Me Introduce Myself

Extremely passionate about fashion, I have worked in the Middle East fashion industry for over 10 years now. Previously heading the marketing department for Splash (Landmark Group) & then leading the marketing team for the Al Ghurair Retail brands (Springfield, Morgan De Toi, The Face Shop amongst others) I decided to chuck it all to give my own dream a fair shot and Dori is a result of that. Each time I went to India, I was astounded by the kind of intricate work that our artisans produced. I try to provide a platform for the work they do. So, Dori started in a small workshop in 2015, the idea behind the brand was to offer statement one of a kind pieces of jewellery using age old Indian heritage design and technique in a contemporary setting. I was born in Mumbai, raised in Singapore and now call Dubai home. I live here with my husband, two lovely cats & dogs.

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