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Let Me Introduce Myself

Janki Prakash, a doctor by profession and a fash-ionista at heart. Janki worked full-time as an as-sistant physician at her father's clinic at Kozhi-kode for three years before leaving to pursue a degree in fashion designing from ESMOD in Ja-karta, Indonesia. There, she learnt the basics of designing and the technicalities of fashion and later went on to learn draping at ESMOD Du-bai.Janki Prakash, Doctor and Fashion Designer. Rationalising the similarities between Medicine and fashion, Janki says, "Medicine has taught me that no person is the same; every human is differ-ent and that treatment should be directed specifi-cally, based on each person's nature. Similarly, in designing, every person is different - the things they like, the way they think and the way they look at themselves. So, we must cater to them specifi-cally too."

My label's name:

Janki Prakash

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