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Let Me Introduce Myself

Indrani Royan , young and aspiring “ Gen – Next designer , is a graduate from Pearl academy , New Delhi. Indrani started her career assisting some of the leading designers in the industry and went on to work with renowned export houses. Her brand Rani Pink Studio is the focus of her inspirations which stems from her roots in North – East India. Her expertise lies exhibiting contemporary and traditional designs with her unique touch. Started in the year 2013, the name RANIPINK STUDIO was coined keeping in mind the designer’s affinity for various shades of the colour Pink. Her designs are unique in the way she combines the ancient traditions of Indian craftsmanship in a contemporary way. She penchants for extraordinary and vivid colours, intricate embroideries and fabrics keep her motivated to constantly innovate. While she uses various textures of fabrics and mostly prefers silks. Experimentation with traditional designs and styles using modern techniques is Indrani’s mantra.

My label's name:

Rani Pink

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