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Let Me Introduce Myself

Avishek Naiya- Ever since entering the contours of Fashion industry, alumni of renowned art institution, I have been hearing about a floating idea of the unbridgeable distance between ‘design’ and ‘art’. So, on that note I envisioned my designs practically as spectacular as ‘Designed art’ or encrusted with art; to wear not just attire but creating a memento for every owner of it! Yes, that’s me Avishek Naiya, Governor Award winner, Masters in Textile Design and it’s my world of vision, creation and manifestation. Materials, textiles speak a thousand of words, as I play with them in my workshop, and gradually we share a bond and that comes out as a piece of creation which speaks its own story. When the owner of it wears such a story it spreads radiance. That is my vision, to spread radiance, not just glitters, rather sparkles of Indian textiles and colour palates.

My label's name:

Avishekk Naiya

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