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Let Me Introduce Myself

Siddharth Shashankan is a Chennai based designer who graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore in 2007 with a degree in Fashion Design (Northumbria University, UK). A Keralite by birth, Siddharth did his schooling from Delhi and has always had an undying passion for design. In the three years at Raffles, Siddharth won the Customer's Choice Award for the AIDS Awareness Project by The Singapore Health Board, and received wide critical acclaim for the collections he did whilst still at Raffles. Siddharth loves to play with fabrics and textures carefully working on lines, cuts and silhouettes. He believes, a Hangar Atelier piece is like a love story in itself -- when the whole ensemble comes together, it feels like a rainbow whirlwind of chiffon romance. In his own words, "I always imagine each creation in black and white, constantly questioning myself, when the lights go out, will this piece still be recognisable as a Hangar Atelier, in the pale moonlight? If the answer is yes, I know, I have done my due. As a designer, that is the most important thing to me -- creating clothes that are unique and have a sense of timelessness about them. Hangar Atelier is a fragment of my soul, it is something I have grown up with and is a very strong part of my identity.

My label's name:

Hangar Atelier

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