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Let Me Introduce Myself

Designer Rehana Basheer started her career a humble way with just a passion in her eyes and belief in herself. Though she attended a course in fashion designing which helped her channel her vision, designing came to her naturally. She started with one master and two Kharigars, but today fourteen years down the line she works out of a ten thousand sq ft high end boutique, on Harrington Road with over 124 working artisans. Her enticing personality and unique designs have built a clientele from young brides to movie stars, doctors to IAS officers and many more. They all have one thing to say “her creations make us feel beautiful. Inside out” She spent her childhood in Kerala and studied at St.Joseph’s in Thissur. An athlete in college, she did her Bachelors in History. Although she took up a course in Fashion Textile Technology, she feels that courses are only to guide someone, but designing will always be a part of someone. Rehana has always been inspired by nature, its beauty, warmth, ferocity and its colors. She plays by the seasons, carefully crafting her ideas around it. Playing with natural fabrics combined with innovative design every piece made by her is a pleasure to wear both in style and comfort. She puts in a lot of effort in sourcing authentic, natural and seasonal fabrics from all over the country. She is inspired by Manish Malhotra’s way of blending fabrics and Sabyasachi’s heavy embroidery.

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Rehana Basheer

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