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Let Me Introduce Myself

The young, beautiful and aesthetic Fashion Designer Roopa Patil, hail from belgaum and now settled in bengaluru. She has Master's degree in Fashion Designing and Technology. Fashion runs in her veins. To put it simple. Her clothes design reflect society's sensibilities and she is involved in every phase of designing, showing and producing all types of clothing from Indian Bridal to Western gowns. As a designer she keeps herself up-to-date by reading current fashion magazines, newspapers and other media that reflect current trends and tastes. She looks at the material, attends fashion shows and also work on projects to produce creative, exciting and profitable produce line. She has good eye for color, style and shape. She create a language through her designs that are independent of time and people wearing her clothes will feel pride because they withhold a unique piece of garment. Her advice to all - Even though if you have a little interest in fashion, always keep a watch on what you wear because unconsciously or otherwise it gives the people around you a sneaky peak into your personality and frame of mind.

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