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Let Me Introduce Myself

Interestingly the story of Tasya started at the same time as Indra Nagar, though in 2 different locations and possibly 2 different era`s, As I understand Indra Nagar was conceived and developed in late `70s and I am proud to say that even after over 40 years, it is one the finest addressed in Bengaluru. When the plans were being executed to create Indra Nagar, at the same time. Almost 300kms east of here..... 2 tiny girls, wearing white frocks and red ribbons, were being marched off to a KG standard, at holy angels High School, Chennai. Over time and across 12 years... they played, cried, laughed and grew up together, only to part in 1990, when they left school. One went to become a leading model and the other went on to study higher. Destiny and Life bought them together once again in 2008 when both came to settle down in Bengaluru. After much deliberation, these friends, Kamal Mohandas and Swarna Reddy started Tasya Design Studio in 2011 and became Partners. In just 2 years, Tasya has carved out a name for itself as a truly creative Design House, leading in customized couture and fabulous workmanship. Their designs are extra ordinary and the personalized approach truly symbolizes, customization, designing attitudes and bespoke ethnic wear for the modern Indian woman” TASYA DESIGN LOUNGE encompasses exquisite and sophisticated yet subtle sensitive expression of Indian urban woman today. Tasya, which literally means “Resurrection”, weaves various experiences through bespoke forums, where women can enjoy, indulge & above all celebrate women hood. Known for unique design approach to bring out the inherent elegance and beauty in every woman. Their forte lies in aesthetic styling to eye-for-detail offerings in versatile designs which are aimed at contemporary dynamic life style of the society, yet universal in appeal within affordable range and highest quality. Working with different textures and mixes with unusual fabrics together to create a look which is unique to today’s woman… Comfort, sustainability and wearability rooted in precision cutting, classic tailoring and wonderful fit invites the wearer to a sense of fashion, sensuality, fluidity and femininity.

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