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Let Me Introduce Myself

Designer Anupam Chatterjee explores his love for handloom fabrics & unconventional yet innovative silhouettes in his design dream “Warssi Kolkata”. The designer, who has been working in the fashion and film industry as a stylist for the past 11 years and trained under designers Debarun Mukherjee and Sayantan Sarkar, always felt the need for a complete style studio in the city, where an individual could not only buy tailor made clothes, but also rework his or her entire look. “We take care of the entire look of our clients. Instead of a makeover, we stress on highlighting the individuality of a person by enhancing his personality with our clothes and accessories, helping them create their own style statement,” explains the couturier, who also teaches styling and fashion in National Institute of Fashion Technology as a guest faculty. Latest Collection Name: Anti-Fit Latest Collection Story: Anti-fit attire with textile drama.

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