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Vadapalani, Chennai
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Durai Villa 14, Ambedkhar Nagar, Vadapalani, Chennai - 600026

Open Now - 10:30 AM To 07:30 PM


Vie meaning life in French. At Vie , we work towards bringing designs to life by using unconventional materials such as clothing buttons. These exotic buttons come in natural texture and colours that differ from one piece to another making the structured designs truly unique from one another. We aim to create upscaled designs in limited editions that last for longer seasons. Founded in India in 2017 while establishing a niche in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, Vie aims to expand its awareness globally on the usage of natural buttons into timeless fashion accessories. Vie, meaning life in French, stands true to its name as it gives life and story to conventional buttons. A small step towards Sustainability The brand’s ethos lies in Redesign & Up-cycle. Vie designs lend itself to being developed as the wearer’s taste evolve over time. The buttons can be interchanged, additional stones and embellishments can be modified or removed as per one’s taste. Instead of discarding the already manufactured buttons as dead stock, Vie repurposes the buttons. Some of the shell buttons used are more than 3 decades old and still look lustrous. During production some buttons are rejected due to a minute error in size or colour spotting. By structuring the designs around the excess or rejected buttons from production, Vie focuses on reducing the use of machinery keeping the wastage to a minimum. All designs are handmade in limited edition since the buttons are natural. One may notice distinct differences from one button to another and that makes Vie one of a kind. Additionally there is a lot of scrap after the button is made that goes as waste. These scraps are used as embellishments on the jewellery pieces. This way recycling the waste using a machine is avoided. Eliminating the use of machinery during the making process means that the use of fossil fuels is drastically reduced.

Price Range

₹1500 to ₹7000

Why Vie

  • Vie uses unconventional & unusual raw materials in structuring the designs for jewellery which makes each piece different from another.
  • Handcrafted by passionate artisans from India and Australia 
  • up scaled designs in limited editions


Offers & Events

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